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Handlist of British Library papyri acquired since 1956

Handlist of British Library papyri acquired since 1956
Details of newly-acquired papyri were historically recorded in the Catalogue of Additions published at periodic intervals over the years. The existing Catalogue of Additions series only includes papyri acquired before 1956. It had been intended to detail the later acquisitions in a future volume of the Catalogue of Additions, but as these are no longer published, the papyri (Papyrus 2923-3136, and Egerton Papyrus 37) have not been as widely known as they perhaps might be. In an effort to bring them to greater attention, we have compiled a short Register of Papyri Acquired since 1956, which can be downloaded as an Excel document. This gives details of British Library inventory number, details of publication where that is known, a Trismegistos number if extant, notes of any other papyri that originally formed part of the same document or book, source and date of acqusition, and a brief description of contents.

Only one item has been digitised, Papyrus 3053 (P. Oxy. 2470), but all these papyri would be included in any future digitisation project.

The bulk of the acquisitions are known to scholars, forming a large portion of the Hibeh Papyri (Papyrus 2943-3035), Volume 27 of the Oxyrhynchus Papyri (Papyrus 3036-3063), and many of the Michaelides papyri (Papyrus 3100-3132), though not all of the latter have been edited. In addition, other acquisitions, or items incorporated from “limbo” or transferred from other departments in the British Museum or British Library, are mostly fragmentary, but would certainly benefit from further study.

We are not aware of any current research being carried out on the items in this list, but always welcome details of editions, and offprints, where possible, which can be sent in the first instance to the Manuscripts and Maps Reference Team (
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Open Pompei

Open Pompei
Open Pompei is a European Commission-funded project aimed at promoting a culture of transparency and open data in the archaeology profession. To achieve this goal, it takes the roads less travelled: a constant dialogue with social innovators, civic hackers, social enterprises, with a focus on the central node of Pompeii.
Progetto "Open Pompei" – finanziato a valere sul PON Governance e Assistenza Tecnica 2007-2013 – Obiettivo Operativo 1.4: Azioni "mirate" per il sostegno e lo sviluppo di capacità della Pubblica Amministrazione nell'attuazione di interventi della politica di coesione territoriale – CUP: G61I12000360006

The Acta Sanctorum Online

[First posted in AWOL 20 June 2012, updated 29 July 2015]

Roger Pearse in his excellent blog Thoughts on Antiquity, Patristics, putting things online, freedom of speech, information access, and more, has collected the open access manifestations of the Acta Sanctorum in: 

Volumes of the Acta Sanctorum online
    UPDATE: See also this site with links to the French Bibliotheque Nationale copies.


      Open Access Journal: Archeomafie

       [First posted in AWOL 8 September 2011, updated (domain expired, but copies of the four existing volumes are on 29 July 2015]

      ISSN: 2036-4539
      "Archeomafie", Rivista dell’Osservatorio Internazionale Archeomafie - IRCECH. A cura di Tsao Cevoli, Anno I, n.1 (2009), ISSN: 2036-4539. “Archeomafie” è la prima rivista scientifica in Italia appositamente e interamente dedicata all’analisi del fenomeno del furto, dello scavo clandestino e del traffico illecito di reperti archeologici su scala nazionale ed internazionale nel presente e nel passato, bandisce un concorso di partecipazione per il III numero, che sarà pubblicato a inizi 2011, aperto a tutti i contributi scientifici sul tema, compresi articoli sulla legislazione in materia e studi che mirino ricostruire e chiarire la probabile provenienza di opere d’arte e reperti archeologici di “provenienza sconosciuta” presenti nel mercato antiquario o in possesso di case d’asta, collezioni e musei.
      Archeomafie, I, 2009
      Archeomafie, II, 2010
      Archeomafie, III, 2011
      Archeomafie, IV, 2012

      Open Access Journal: Classics Ireland

      [First posted in AWOL 16 April 2013, updated (domain expired - links now to Internet Archive) 29 July 2015]

      Classics Ireland
      ISSN: 0791-9417
      Classics Ireland is the journal of the Classical Association of Ireland.

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      Holzhausen, der Verlag: Open Access Books

      Holzhausen, der Verlag: Open Access Books
      Open Access steht für freien und kostenlosen Zugang zu wissenschaftlichen Publikationen und Daten im Internet. Ziel ist es einen schnellen Zugriff auf wissenschaftliche Arbeiten, Publikationen und Daten zu schaffen, so dass Interessierte die Volltexte lesen, in ihnen suchen, auf sie verweisen und sie auch sonst auf jede denkbare legale Weise benutzen können, ohne finanzielle, gesetzliche oder technische Barrieren jenseits von denen, die mit dem Internet-Zugang selbst verbunden sind.

      Der Verlag Holzhausen bekennt sich zum Gedanken der Maximierung der Verbreitung wissenschaftlicher Information und unterstützt die Open-Access-Politik. Deshalb werden wissenschaftliche Verlagspublikationen möglichst auch digital publiziert und unter Berücksichtigung rechtlicher und wirtschaftlicher Möglichkeiten frei zugänglich gemacht.

      Palmyras Reichtum durch Weltweiten Handel | Archäologische Untersuchungen im Bereich der hellenistischen Stadt | Band 1 Architektur und ihre Ausstattung

      Palmyras Reichtum durch Weltweiten Handel | Archäologische Untersuchungen im Bereich der hellenistischen Stadt | Band 2 Kleinfunde

      The Ancient World in Digizeitschriften

      [Originally posted 1/7/09, updated 28 July 2015]

      DigiZeitschriften is a research service. Students and researchers can access the core German research journals via subscribing institutions. Access is possible via libraries and academic institutions which have subscribed to DigiZeitschriften
      Antiquity related journals in DigiZeitschriften include [* = open access] :
      See All DigiZeitschriften titles
      See Open Access DigiZeitschriften titles

      If you'd like to have access to these and the rest of the Digizeitschriften collection, bring their contact information to the attention of your librarians.

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